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The following links are provided to give you additional information on stainless steel and some different applications for some of our products.  If there are any questions or if you would like to add anything additional please email us with your contribution.



Stainless Steel Info: This page provides information on the various stainless steel alloys. 18-8, 304, 316, and more. A great reference for getting started.
Stainless Steel Terms: See terms you're not familiar with? This page might answer your questions.
Fatigue in Stainless Steel:  An excerpt on fatigue from Brion Toss's book "The Complete Rigger's Apprentice".

Stainless Steel Maintenance :  All you need to maintain your stainless steel and keep it looking brand new.
Corrosion: An excerpt on fatigue from Brion Toss's book "The Complete Rigger's Apprentice".
Anchor Systems: We have developed several anchor systems depending on the size of your boat and your preference on an anchor type.

Anchor Roller Page:  Choose the correct anchor roller for your anchor and boat!

Effect of Temperature on Stainless Steel Working Loads: A comprehensive chart.





Covering Your Boat: No stainless applications, but I hope you find it helpful.
Anchor Snubber: Making your own bridle for chain rode.
Anchor Buoy System: From the book "Best of Sail Magazine's Things That Work".
Nicopress Type Swages:  A write-up from Brion Toss's book "The Complete Rigger's Apprentice" on these oval swages.
Cockpit Table: A removable table for the cockpit or in the cabin.
Hinged Instrument Panel: Protect your instruments.
Bird Preventer: Keep them out of your spreaders and maintain a clean deck.
Hauling and Launching Your Boat:  Easy method if you're sent up for it.

Equivalency Table: Provides the equivalencies of inches (decimal & fraction), millimeters, and screw sizes, from 1/64" to 1".
Conversion Table: Provides conversion factors for about any thing we could think of that you might like to convert!
Screw Sizes & Threads: Provides inches and millimeters for various screw sizes, as well as, the number of threads per inch for coarse and fine threaded screws and bolts. 
The Proper Fastener:  An excerpt from "The Practical Sailor Library - Volume IV - Do-It-Yourself Improvement Projects"
Mounting Hardware:  That is, how to properly attach hardware to your deck!
Life Lines - Hand Crimping: Instructions illustrations for doing it yourself.
Nicopress Type Swages:  A write-up from Brion Toss's book "The Complete Rigger's Apprentice" on these oval swages.
Rope Sheave Vs. Wire Rope Sheave:  Because it DOES matter!
Knots: Some useful knots, bends, hitches, and of course... the Bowline!
Sailboat Diagram:  A labeled diagram of a small sailboat for the newbies!

Custom Swaging Services for Rigging & Lifelines: Do you need standing rigging or lifelines? Bosun can do it for you. Quality materials, profession workmanship and service for you and your boat.



bosun or boatswain or bos'n - A multipurpose petty officer, Usually one of the best seamen, whose responsibilities included inspecting the ship's sails and rigging; every morning and reporting their state to the officer of the Watch. If new ropes or other repairs were needed, he also informed the first lieutenant. The Boatswain was in charge of all deck activities, such as Weighing or dropping anchor or handling the sails and he issued orders using a silver boatswain's pipe "His vigilance should ever be on the alert, and his eyes should be everywhere," noted The Naval Apprentice's Kedge Anchor (1841.) "He should be active of limb, quick of sight, and ready in the exercise of his mental faculties."
                                     From: "A Sea of Words" by Dean King,  Henry Holt and Company, Inc. New York, NY, 1995


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