Stainless Steel Turnbuckles

Let's face it:

You need a turnbuckle you can trust and we have over 100 variations making us a leading stainless steel turnbuckle supplier.

We have both cast and forged turnbuckles, each with many different configurations for end terminals including jaws (forks), toggles, swage ends, etc. All the stainless steel turnbuckles you need can be found here. They are all made from 316 stainless steel unless noted on the individual pages. 

Bosun offers several different configurations of our closed body turnbuckles and open body turnbuckles. These are ideal for marine and architectural applications. Important Note: Stainless turnbuckles may gall and seize. Use only hand tools and we recommend using an anti-seize thread lubricant. Failure to use an anti-seize lubricant could void the warranty.