Illustrations and text adapted from " 100 Fast and Easy Boat Improvements", Don Casey, International Marine, Camden, Maine)

Launching and hauling your boat can be a difficult and strenuous situation, especially if it is a sailboat.  The first time I used this method was when I had a Sharpie (18' long, 8' beam,  flat bottom, 5/8" plywood (glassed), 12" oak laminated rails, old clam boat. In other words a HEAVY boat (very stable though... great for diving and fishing), I restored it with all bright trim. Anyway...

A block with a hook-on winch cable (of course, we recommend 7x19 - 316 stainless steel wire rope, but is more "springy" than galvanized) will allow you to launch your boat easily.  To launch your boat pull the winch cable out and hook the block (again, a stainless block - Call or drop us a note for more info) on the trailer just in front of the centerboard trunk, or as far back under the hull to give you some good leverage.  Then run the cable up to the bow eye.  A couple of cranks on your winch and the boat will be pulled into the water.

To get your boat back on the trailer with less effort, hook the block on to the boat’s bow eye.  Then run the cable back to the winch and hook it off there.  This arrangement creates a 2-to-1 advantage and your boat is easily hauled on to the trailer.