Modified  from “Best of Sail Magazine’s Things That Work”, International Marine, Camden Maine, 1998.

Instead of mounting your electronics in the bulkhead, try mounting them on a hinged panel that mounts along side of your companionway to swing both into view and out of the way in the security of the cabin when not in use.

Use a 3/4” piece of hard wood (match your interior woodwork, if you can).  It should be at least a 1/2” wider on each size than the instrument.

Mount the panel using either strap, butt, or unequal/equal door hinges, depending on your companionway and individual panel design.  Using self-tapping, flat head screws.

You can also make your panel removable with take-apart hinges.

To hold the panel in place (open or closed) use either a door hook or barrel bolt.

Note: the large illustration was taken directly from “Best of Sail Magazine’s Things That Work”